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Course Module Breakdown

- Introduction to Forex

- Forex Market Size And Liquidity

- Mindset Goals Setting

- Is Forex a Scam?

- Installation of MetaTrader 4 (Windows)
- Installation of MetaTrader 4 (Mobile)

- MetaTrader 4 Interface Introduction

- Account Creation

- Connecting the account on Windows & Mobile

Course Module


- Risk Management
- Margin Lot Size

- Quiz on Margin Lot Size

- How to do Buy and Sell

- Setting Take Profit and Stop Loss on Chart

- What is Pending Order

- Explanation on Scalping

- Explanation on Day Trading

- Explanation on Swing Trading

- Choosing Your Trading Style
- Criteria to get listed as a Trader on our Platform


Course Module


- Explanation on Support and Resistance

- Identifying Support and Resistance on chart

- Practical Plotting (Support and Resistance)
- Explanation on Trendline
- Identifying Market Trend
- Practical Plotting (
- FXA Dashboard Manager (Worth $150) given out

- Installation of FXA Dashboard Manager

- Explanation of FXA Dashboard Manager

- How to use FXA Dashboard Manager

Course Module


- Recap session on Module 3 Topics

- What is Death Cross?

- What is Golden Cross?

- Simple Strategy Explanation

- Multiple Timeframe Trading
- How to Scalp at a Lower Timeframe
- 4 Types of Bullish & Bearish Candlestick Patterns

- Explanation on the Candlestick Patterns

- Identifying Candlestick Patterns on the Chart

Course Module


- Recap session on Module 4 Topics

- FXA Trade Pro (Worth $200) given out

- Installation of FXA Trade Pro

- Explanation of FXA Trade Pro

- How to use FXA Trade Pro

- What is Supply & Demand

- Identifying Supply & Demand

- Types of Chart Patterns

- Explanation on the Chart Patterns

- Identifying Chart Patterns on the Chart

Course Module





Course Module


What You Will Receive 


(Worth $200)


(Worth $150)

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